About The Community Foundation

The Community Foundation is an independent charity dedicated to strengthening local communities across Shropshire. We tackle issues of disadvantage and exclusion through the building of permanent endowments and the allocation of grants. The Community Foundation is one of more than 40 Community Foundations throughout the United Kingdom, and we are a member of ‘UKCF‘, who promote closer working and opportunities for all community foundations throughout the country.

Every county in England has access to a local Community Foundation, and there are national Community Foundations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Our Goals

Over the last 12 months we have distributed more than £750,000 to communities across Shropshire, (and Telford & Wrekin), who have been working to help some of the people hardest hit, and most disadvantaged, by the Coronavirus pandemic.  During that time we have seen first hand the huge commitment to the county from many volunteer and community led groups, and we already have new funds lined up to award throughout 2021/22 in Shropshire.

As we are locally based we understand our local community. We identify local needs and mobilise local resources. We aim to work closely with other voluntary sector support organisations across the county, with local business and with local authorities, for the betterment of the county, whilst remaining non-political.  We want to make a difference on your doorstep.

2021 will also see the launch of Shropshire's Outstanding Community, designed and developed to recognise the great work that goes on in our communities, by people who just want to make a difference to local lives.

In order to operate as a community foundation we have to achieve a certain standard of Quality Accreditation, to prove that we are doing what we say we will, and that the services we deliver are delivered to a high standard.

We are just scratching the surface of the support that Shropshire-based organisations need, but we are here to increase that support, to bring together different people from different sectors and to make Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin a better and happier place to live and work.