The Community Foundation offers local people and businesses the expertise to help them make the most of their charitable investment in the local community. We offer local voluntary groups access to a range of grant programmes to support their work and is doing so improve the lives of people or the environment in our communities.

We are inviting natural Ambassadors with a proven track record of support, and a continuing passion for our communities across Shropshire to join The Community Foundation in a pivotal role of promoting our work and introducing others to invest in our local communities. This is a new opportunity and inaugural Ambassadors will always be highly valued as the first to pledge their support.

The role of an Ambassador is vital to our campaigning and fundraising work and in making a real impact to our local voluntary organisations.


The Role of an Ambassador

Ambassadors help to raise the profile of The Community Foundation in Shropshire – our approach is less fundraising and more friend-raising. An Ambassador is a person who helps to promote The Community Foundation in the course of their daily activities. Being an Ambassador means sharing information, spotting opportunities and spreading the word about community philanthropy which will greatly expand The Community Foundation’s marketing reach across the county.

The role of an Ambassador provides a unique vantage point for understanding and addressing local needs, and offers an unmatched opportunity to champion community philanthropy, and they will be agents for awareness and creators of connections ideally positioned to build relationships, visibility and credibility for the organisation.

The role of an Ambassador is voluntary; they are connected to Shropshire and care deeply about the local area and understand and value of the role of The Community Foundation.  Ambassadors may be asked to represent The Community Foundation in the media or at events, advocate for issues important to The Community Foundation, advise on national/local policy changes, support our research and reporting, or generally promote the work of the Foundation in their specialist field.

Day to day, our Ambassadors play an important part in raising awareness of our work across the county, and they do this by attending local events, giving talks to clubs and local groups, and developing relationships with new and existing supporters.

Our Ambassadors also enjoy visiting charities and community groups who have been supported by the Community Foundation, by attending site visits and AGMs, and this helps them to gain a better insight into the many inspiring local groups who receive our grant funding. These visits also allow Ambassadors to help us keep our ‘ear to the ground’ and understand any emerging needs or issues across the county as they develop.