Personal Giving

Many people now have a philanthropic nature without them even realising it – whether it’s giving to collections in supermarkets or donating regularly to charities.  Whilst charities undoubtedly need this money there is often little effect seen locally.  Sometimes when you give you want people to be aware of your particular passion or cause.  It might be that you want to set up a fund in memory of a loved one or to support a particular area of the county that you care deeply about.  No matter the reason you choose to support a charitable cause, The Community Foundation can help you to maximise your donation, making it more cost effective for you to give, and increase the immediate and long-term impact that it has on your chosen cause.

No matter what cause or area you choose to support, there are many ways for you to give back, whether you want to give a lot or a little.  It can often be arduous choosing the right one, particularly if you want to see the effects first hand.  The Community Foundation can work with you to ensure that you achieve everything you want to, in a cost effective way that will bring greater benefit to your cause than working alone.

As with all personal giving, the way it can be achieved is a personal decision, but some of the way we can help are by advising on;

  • Setting up a personalised fund to support your chosen cause, either as a ‘flow through’ where all the money is given away over a set period of time, as an expendable endowment where the money is invested and a set amount is given away each year or as an endowment where the money is invested and the interest and returns are given away to help with longer-term sustainable giving.
  • Using Gift Aid to boost your donations.
  • Gifting Stocks, Shares, Land or Buildings and running them for the benefit of local people
  • Leaving a legacy or gift in your will.  This can be either a pecuniary legacy or a residuary legacy and we can advise of which one would most effectively meet your aims
  • Giving through your salary or pension using Give As You Earn.  By giving in this way you can also ensure the charity or cause you support benefits from tax relief

The options for personal giving are many and varied, and that is why we can help advise on the best way to achieve what you want to.  We start with what you want to get out of it, the effects you want to have and the causes you want to support and then work backwards, tailor any option to make it truly personalised to you and make sure that you achieve just what you want to.