Trusts & Charities

There are many reasons why an existing trust or charity would consider working with The Community Foundation.

Sometimes existing trusts or charities can become dormant, semi-dormant or ineffective.  The original remit might no longer be valid and it may be that you are finding it increasingly difficult to be able to effectively apply the charities aims.  It could be that the existing trustees are unable to provide as much commitment as is necessary to enable the trust to run effectively or it could be that the existing trustees are no longer able to dedicate the time that they need to.

Sometimes, whilst the original remit of the charity is still effective, the cost of managing the fund particularly when all public benefit reporting is taken into account, can be prohibitive.

No matter the reason for wanting some extra help with administering the charity, The Community Foundation can help, and has over 12 years experience in supporting other trusts and charities in this way.

We can take over all the administration of the original fund, keeping or widening the original remit as necessary to ensure the original donor’s wishes are met.  All running of the fund is then taken care of by The Community Foundation, with you having as much or as little involvement as you would like.

These charities or trusts can be run as schemes in their own right or they could be merged with similar funds under our jurisdiction to create a wider ranging ‘community fund’.