Grants From The Community Foundation for Shropshire


The Community Foundation for Shropshire administers many different grants schemes from various funders.  We offer grants from our own funds, from funds set up by local donors and philanthropists, local businesses and individuals, and from national and regional charities and trusts.

These schemes are usually open all year, but tend to run in rounds, and so please make sure you check the individual cut off dates on each scheme.  The list of grants provided by clicking the ‘Grants’ tab above will provide a list of currently available grants.  If a scheme is not listed it means that it is not currently accepting applications.  Details of opening and closing dates will be published on this website, in our ‘Grants Alerts’ and newsletter, sent by e-mail to relevant contacts, and on our social media feeds.

Some schemes will use the same criteria for each round, whereas others may change from round to round depending on priorities.  It is important to carefully read the aims and criteria of a scheme before submitting your application.